Everyday Is Exactly The Same

This publication was first created April 24, 2006

Nine Inch Nails - Everyday Is Exactly The Same

 David Bowie - Nine Inch Nails - I'm Afraid of Americans

I can feel their eyes are watching
In case I lose myself again
Sometimes I think I'm happy here
Sometimes, yet I still pretend
I can't remember how this got started
But I can tell you exactly how it will end

~ Trent Reznor was one of those musicians that expressed pretty much how I felt at the time. What impressed me even more was to find out that he was essentially 'Nine Inch Nails'. He played all of his own instruments, layed out his own tracks. Got to respect a kid that can do that. I got to see him play in Calipornia with Marilyn Manson. The Jim Rose Circus Freak Show opened up - and it was a great show.


Gummby said...

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Anonymous said...

Damn that pic is HAWWWT! Consider it gaffled! LOL! Hmmm...wonder where it'll show up. ::wink::

A man after my own heart. <3

Gummby said...

I pretty much figured it would be right up your alley. Hee hee.

I wonder where that pic will turn up?? Your pretty cute.