How We Do It In The Dirty

 This publication was first created April 20, 2006 

 Ludacris - Southern Hospitality 

 Ludacris - Stand Up

 Ciara - Ludacris - Oh

 Ludacris - Move Bitch 

 Outkast - Git Up, Git Out

 Outkast - Aquemini

In the South the women wear less clothes. Plus, we got some of the finest dro'. People are more forward and everyone down here is a thug' in their own way. Everybody drives fast, except for the old. But, once we get where we need to go, we all kinda take it slow. Happy 420 kids! Hope this starts you on your way. I'm already there. - Gummby


Gummby said...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think we are of ONE MIND! Esp. when it comes to music. U SCARE ME! Get outta my head MISTER! LOL!

Love my 'Suthin' Boy'!xoxo

Gummby said...

I know baby. That's why I dig on you so much. And why I walk around my house going "Mmmmmmm ~ Mmmmmmm"

love you kitty Katt,
Your *Buster