Best Gifts Ever - The Holiday Issue 2014

The Dork Group presents the Best Gifts Ever - The Holiday Issue 2014  

Print I designed of Mark Shilder's Heath Ledger as The Joker

Joker: Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.

Season's Greetings, my beautiful kiddies. I hope you are all nice and stuffed from the first round of the feeding frenzy this holiday season. And I do hope you were surrounded by family and loved ones - and felt all the warm fuzziness that is associated with this time of year. The turning leaves, and that sharp chill in the air. That feeling you get when you cross-over from the cold outside, and walk in to the warm sanctuary of your home. Not a whole lot can beat that feeling. 

Well, we're coming closer towards the end of this year - and coming closer to making and breaking the resolutions that we so gallantly try to keep. I tend to recollect of where I have been, and where it is I am going. I myself am hoping for a better year - not just for myself, but for my family and loved ones. But, I believe that is something everyone wishes for. I for one hope that everyone can get that wish. Peace and prosperity for all.

"What a strange paradox! Every warrior on the path of knowledge thinks, at one time or another, that he's learning sorcery, but all he's doing is allowing himself to be convinced of the power hidden in his being, and that he can reach it."

Now my friends, lets get to the toys. In some instances - I am still very much a little kid. Nothing stops me quicker than seeing a cool toy. I would like to share with you some of my favorite toys I spotted this year. In the next year or so - I would like to see myself owning a good majority of these. Let's make it happen people.

And here we go

Now one of my favorites this year - and I am sure most of you spotted in the Transformers - Age of Extinction movie is Local Motors - Rally Fighter

Local Motors - Episode 10: "A Car Story" - The Rally Fighter Takes Flight!

The Rally Fighter; A fully capable off-road prerunner, with the amenities and luxuries of an every-day on road vehicle. A rugged tube chassis construction complemented with the best OEM and performance off-road parts, and all the requisite creature comforts one could desire. This 50-state street legal off-road machine is at home on the open road, the daily commute, and on the most challenging terra firma you can throw at it.

Local Motors - Reveal of the Racer: July 13th, 2013

The Racer is a highly customized Harley Sportster 1200, with styling inspired by 1970's formula 1 race cars. This bike started with a design challenge Local Motors ran with the Del Prado brothers of DP Customs in March of 2013. The challenge was to create a new bike design in the DP Customs style, using a Sportster 1200 engine, and a hard tail... as in, no rear suspension.

Local Motors - Crowdfunding the Local Motors Cruiser

Ariel Cruiser - Now that the Ariel has been selected bike in the Motorized Cruiser challenge, it's time to start bringing this bike to life! The goal here is to build the bike so that it maintains as much of the original design aesthetic as possible, while being sized for the largest segment of the market, being structurally sound, and being something we can produce economically.

Local Motors is a free online and physical work space where creativity, collaboration and design drive vehicle innovations.

DJI Inspire 1 - Soar

Tested - Hands-On with DJI's Inspire 1 Quadcopter!

Inspire 1 - Strong carbon fiber arms lift out of sight, transforming the way you shoot. Get a full, unrestricted 360° 
view of the world below and create images like never before. Shoot up to 4K video and capture 12 megapixel photos with the Inspire 1 camera. The lens consists of 9 seperate elements, including an aspherical element, for extreme clarity, while Adobe DNG RAW support gives you the power to make every shot a masterpiece.

Honorable Mentions:

X8+ - The Power to Do More

The X8+ Drone - A Powerful Aerial Workhorse

Drones can be much more than flying cameras. With the X8+ we’ve built a modular and expandable platform that allows you to decide what you can do with it. The X8+ can fly a GoPro, but it has a payload capacity that unlocks options for an array of gimbals and cameras, as well as various sensors and even autonomous delivery of small goods.  The reason drones have limitless potential is because our users have limitless potential. With the X8+, we want to give YOU the power to do more.

For Those On a Budget:

6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft. - 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation. - High Capacity Battery And Strong Power Motors Enable The Helicopter To Fly Much Longer And More Efficiently. - Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair. Remote Distance is up to 30m. - 6 AXIS GYRO with posture control - Integrated design guarantee the precise positioning of the aircraft - 4 CHANNEL function provide stable flying and easy operation; Video Camera FPV - High Capacity Battery And Strong Power Motors Enable The Helicopter To Fly Much Longer And More Efficiently - Modular Design makes it easy to install and repair; Remote Distance is up to 30m.

With a jump in price - around 60 dollars.

3 Axis HandHeld Gimbal for GoPro

As Sam Jordan for HiConsumption states:

The 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for GoPro solves that problem by keeping all your shots steady like a real Hollywood Steadicam. Whether you’re skateboarding, chasing your pets, running on the beach, or – rather impressively – playing quarterback while you film yourself, you’ll be assured of smooth video when you run it back. The device is made from machined aluminum, uses three motors and gyroscopic sensors to keep the camera in place, and features three modes of operation that can be easily switched with the push of a button.

Top Gear - Ferrari FF Vs. Bentley Continental V8 on Ice! - Top Gear - Series 18 - BBC

Winding Road Magazine - 2014 Ferrari FF - WR TV Walkaround

Ferrari States:

The FF throws down an unbeatable gauntlet to every GT sports automobile concept out there, raising the bar far beyond the other challengers. Your first glance over the FF’s refined Pininfarina-designed profile telegraphs that fact. Get behind the wheel – on any road surface, whatever the weather – to discover why it’s so revolutionary. The FF is much more than an elegant package of sophisticated beauty—it performs too. It is specifically designed to revel in tackling tough driving challenges, ones set by the most discerning drivers in the world.

Mercedes-Benz TV: Garrett McNamara rides his Mercedes-Benz surfboard

Mercedes-Benz TV: The Mercedes-Benz Surfboard for Garrett McNamara

Mercedes-Benz wanted to develop the ultimate surfboard. The perfect opportunity to collaborate with someone who knows all about what is needed for these giants: Garrett McNamara has been riding giant waves for twenty years. He comes from Hawaii and holds the world record in bigwave surfing.Together with Mercedes-Benz engineers, technicians and designers, he has developed a surfboard that is tailor-made not only for this type of wave, but also for his individual surfing style.

TechCrunch - More Power From Boosted Boards

Boosted Board - Today, we’re excited to announce new Boosted boards starting at $999. Two new models cost $999 and $1299, and the current model now costs $1499. These three models now cover every type of rider, from novice to expert and recreational to commuter. In this post, we’ll cover each model, our new financing program, how we lowered the cost of building Boosted technology, and how we’re doing something special for all existing Boosted riders.

Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Gramovox is a consumer electronics company, started in 2013, that reimagines vintage A/V equipment into functional contemporary art. Our debut product is the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. Its bold design and vintage sound are inspired by 1920s horn speakers. Its form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics—producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream nostalgia.

BMW 328 Hommage

Back in the ’30s BMW unveiled the 328 - the most successful and best-looking sports car at that time. The car’s success was due to its impressive design parameters: systematic lightweight construction, aerodynamic lines, optimum engine types, and outstanding suspension technology. BMW will unveiled the 328 Hommage at this year’s Mille Miglia. This model modernizes the principles and the character of the vehicle from back then and offers a possible interpretation of how the designers of that time, Fritz Fiedler and Rudolf Schleicher, might have built the BMW 328 if they had the use of our current technology.

"With the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay homage to the passion and inventiveness of the fathers of the BMW 328", explains Karl Bäumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic. "They created an icon, which is considered a milestone in the history of the automobile.

Well, I know some of these gift ideas are a little out of budget, but you can't put a price on love. Actually, looking at some of the prices of these toys - yes, you can. 

Once again, I appreciate you stopping by, and once again I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving, and that you you will have a Merry Christmas - and a Happy New Year. Be thankful for what you've got. Be humble, yet stay proud. No matter what Brad Pitt says - you are a beautiful and unique snowflake. 

Stay Golden...


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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

I will see you all again soon. 

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