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The Dork Group's Contribution to Bansky's - There Is Always Hope - Balloon Girl


Inspiration and homage goes to The Quarterly Skateboarder (USA) Vol 1 No 1

Where vintage meets awesome. They say the 80's was the Golden Age of skating. I think differently and say the 60's and 70's paved the way for 80's to be what it was. I will always remember my father coming home in the 70's with a skateboard he got from Hawaii for me - and just falling completely in love with the sport. Makaha Skateboards was the birth of my passion.

And this guy's downhill run is simply amazing. 

Greetings kids, and welcome back to another issue of The Dork Group. In case you missed it - the last issue discussed unemployment and the importance and power of the résumé. A little more serious content than I usually put into publication - but I felt that it hit close to home for me and something I needed to put out there. Informative and a bit of therapy for myself. 

So, in this issue I thought I would take it a bit easy and share things that are bit more my speed and fun. 

Our lot as men is to learn. I have learned to see and I tell you that nothing really matters. A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will think when he has finished acting. A man of knowledge chooses a path with heart and follows it; and then he looks and rejoices and laughs; and then he sees and knows. He knows that his life will be over altogether too soon; he knows that he, as well as everybody else, is not going anywhere; he knows, because he sees, that nothing is more important than anything else. In other words, a man of knowledge has no honor, no dignity, no family, no name, no country, but only life to be lived, and under these circumstances his only tie to his fellow men is his controlled folly. Thus a man of knowledge endeavors, and sweats, and puffs, and if one looks at him he is just like any ordinary man, except that the folly of his life is under control. Nothing being more important than anything else, a man of knowledge chooses any act, and acts it out as if it matters to him. His controlled folly makes him say that what he does matters and makes him act as if it did, and yet he knows that it doesn't; so when he fulfills his acts he retreats in peace, and whether his acts were good or bad, or worked or didn't, is in no way part of his concern.

- Don Juan  A Separate Reality

Amit Agarwal authors the hugely popular and award-winning Digital Inspiration blog where he writes how-to guides around computer software, consumer gadgets, and web apps.

Here is an article that I rather enjoyed - and a perfect addition to The Dork Group - One of my favorite obscure websites to pass some time with

Founded in 1999 - Interactive tools, toys, apps and art made by interaction designer Paul Neave

Television on Neave

Imagination on Neave

Bouncy Balls on Neave

Strobe Illusion on Neave 

From Ubisoft comes a compelling, fun and easy going game of racing and defying gravity. The graphics and game play are amazing for being an online driven machine. Give it a try yourself, I found myself hooked and coming back for more.

For you Star Wars fans out there - CNET's Crave - Episode 189 - Relive the futuristic technology of "Star Wars" all over again with an edit of all the graphical user interfaces used in the original film contained within one video.


The Rentals - Friends of P.

A Dork Group nerdy back story to The Rentals

I was watching Chip Foose's car show called Overhaulin' on Velocity the other day - and one of the A-Team members that helps Chip tear apart, and rebuild cars caught my eye. And I couldn't get over the fact that I have seen this girl somewhere before. So, with a bit of research I discovered that Cherielynn Westrich was a vocalist and Moog player for the band called The Rentals. I absolutely loved Friends of P. in 1995. I still love it as a matter of fact. Go Cherie!


Len - Steal My Sunshine

No nerdy back story here. I just heard the song the other day and enjoyed it again.

Alright kids, I kept you long enough for now. Get back to work, or whatever it is you do. I've got a couple things that I need to be working on myself. But, I will be back with more useful & not so useful things for you...

I will see you all again soon...

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