GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - 124 Popular Street

The Dork Group Presents GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - 124 Popular Street Bike Ramps

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If you are wondering why I am publishing these tutorials on my webpage - I will refer you to my previous publication GTA V TUTORIALS: WALLBREACH - UNION DEPOSITORY
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Greetings Kids,

Welcome back to The Dork Group's instructional tutorials. 

In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach 124 Popular Street Bike Ramps. My objective is to educate and to give users that don't know a tutorial for them to use. 

It's a pretty small wallbreach, and there are limitations to it. Be aware of your surroundings - your body can go out of this wallbreach at certain points and be shot. It has shooting areas above and to the sides that I will point out, and it is a pretty useful wallbreach. Explore this breach and find something new. Feel free to use this tutorial however you see fit - but please be sure to give me some credit for pointing it out.

Console Used: PS3

GTA V - 124 Popular Street Bike Ramps Wallbreach (Updated Capture)

I will start out with my updated video using my current game capture card. But, I will include the original video (below) I created using a lower definition card I first started recording game-play with. You can see the difference in resolution and sound, and why I am currently using the game capturing card I am using now. Needless to say that I am much happier with the newer card. This is the last video with the older video content included. Thank God...

GTA V - 124 Popular Street Bike Ramps Wallbreach

This ends the EasyCap captured videos in this series. Fare thee well EasyCap - fare thee well.

Text and Pictures Walk-Through

Location: 124 Popular Street Garage Unit - located next to Los Santos Customs in East Los Santos, Los Santos.

Where I am aiming is one of the breach points.

Use the "Stairway Method" to breach the first ramp.

If your character resembles this - you have breached the ramp.

You can shoot out of most of the area here. Beware you can fall through the map in certain areas.

You can shoot out of most of this side of the ramp - minus a few invisible barriers.

The wall where I am aiming at is also another entry point.

"Stairway Method" 

You can shoot out of this whole side of the wallbreach. And the side facing the garage entry points.

It's an old wallbreach - but it's a nice getaway if you need a quick hiding spot.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to give it a like if you have found it useful. YouTuber's feel free to do your thing, just please be sure to give some credit and support. Be sure to visit my Crew Links and other Website Links, for I will be posting new material soon. 

as always... Game On!

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Congratulations - you're a wall-breaching machine. 


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