GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - 4 Integrity Way

The Dork Group Presents GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - 4 Integrity Way Apartment Area

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In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach 4 Integrity Way Apartment AreaMy objective is to educate and to give users that don't know a tutorial for them to use. 

This one of those wallbreaches that me and my friends used countless times, back when the game was new... and well, I kinda just moved on looking for other new wallbreaches. I have forgotten more wallbreaches than I care to remember, and that stinks when I try to get into those places now. So, now I am documenting what I find useful, or maybe not so useful. 

It's a pretty small wallbreach, and there are limitations to it. Be aware of your surroundings - you can fall through the map in certain areas. You can also fall into the subway tunnels also. It has shooting areas above and to the sides that I will point out, and it is a pretty useful wallbreach. Explore this breach and find something new. Feel free to use this tutorial however you see fit - but please be sure to give me some credit for pointing it out.

Console Used: PS3

GTA V - 4 Integrity Way Apartment Area Wallbreach

Text and Pictures Walk-Through

Location: At the intersection of Integrity Way and Alta Street in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.

Hop the fence - or drive into the parking lot and get to the hedge.

Use the "Stairway Method" to position yourself behind the hedge.

If you see yourself already breaching the wall - you are doing good.

Run - until you breach completely. It's a very simple wallbreach.

You can see clearly the fall through areas in this breach.

Note: Now I will show you how to get into the tunnel glitch down below. Have your character back against the wall, and move down the wall.

If done correctly You should fall through below to the tunnels and get away.

Note: once you are in the tunnel glitch you cannot shoot up into the street area.

Bam! You're a Legend... 

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as always... Game On!

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