GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - Dashound Bus Center

The Dork Group Presents GTA V Tutorials: Wallbreach - Dashound Bus Center

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Greetings Kids,

Welcome back to The Dork Group's instructional tutorials. 

In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach Dashound Bus Center. My objective is to educate and to give users that don't know a tutorial for them to use. 

This is another one of those wallbreaches that me and my friends used countless times, back when the game was new. I have forgotten more wallbreaches than I care to remember, and that stinks when I try to get into those places now. So, now I am documenting what I find useful, or maybe not so useful.

It's a pretty small wallbreach, and there are limitations to it. Be aware of your surroundings - you can fall through the map in certain areas. It has shooting areas above that I will point out, and it is a pretty useful wallbreach. Explore this breach and find something new. Feel free to use this tutorial however you see fit - but please be sure to give me some credit for pointing it out.

Console Used: PS3

GTA V - Dashound Bus Center Wallbreach

Text and Pictures Walk-Through

Location: Dashound Bus Center - located at the intersection of Integrity Way and Strawberry Avenue in the neighborhood of Textile City, Los Santos.

Head to the back of the Dashound Bus Center, next to the side by side trash bins.

Where I am aiming will be your entry point to the breach. 

Climb on one of the trash bins, and hop on the fence and make your way down the fence line. As shown in the picture above.

Once you have moved down the fence line a little - you will automatically fall into the gap.

Once your character is below, you will be between two walls. Turn as though you are heading back to the two trash bins.

You will have to put your back up to the wall, similar like the "Stairway Method" and make your way down the two walls. 

Note: There will be two options for breaching here. The red brick building, or the white brick under the roadway of Dashound. I suggest the white brick side. There is more shooting options and less areas to fall through. Aim your character towards the white brick and run towards the wall.

If done correctly - you will breach on the other side of the white brick wall. 

Note; if you go further down this corridor - hop the smaller wall, and keep going, you will fall through the map and end up on the subway tracks below.

There are a lot of areas you can shoot, with minimal barriers to block your shooting range.

Bam! You're a Legend...

Super easy wall breach...

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to give it a like if you have found it useful. YouTuber's feel free to do your thing, just please be sure to give some credit and support. Be sure to visit my Crew Links and other Website Links, for I will be posting new material soon. 

as always... Game On!

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