GTA V Tutorials: Beacon Theatre Wallbreach

The Dork Group Presents GTA V Tutorials: Beacon Theatre Wallbreach

Greetings Kids,

Welcome back to The Dork Group's instructional tutorials. 

In today's tutorial I will be showing you how to wallbreach the Beacon Theatre - on Davis Avenue in Rancho, Los Santos.

I have forgotten more wallbreaches than I care to remember, and that stinks when I try to get into those places now. So, now I am documenting what I have found in the past, and what I find today. There have been a lot of wallbreaches that have already been found by my friends and colleagues, and someday soon I will share the ones that I find useful with you. As for now - These are the ones I remember. 

I think it's ridiculous to claim "founder" to wallbreaches anymore. I think it should fall under "first to document." Because a lot of breaches I see anymore that YouTuber's claim they have found - I along with other friends of mine have already done them. 

This wallbreach is pretty small in size. This is not a hard wallbreach to enter, and there is one pretty big fall-through area, which is visible. It has shooting areas above on the roof, that I am currently aware of. It's just a pretty good hiding spot. You cannot take fire from the police, but I am not sure about heavy weapons and rockets, but I think you are pretty safe in this breach. Explore this breach and find something new. Feel free to use this tutorial however you see fit - But give me some credit for pointing this breach out. 

With all that being said - let's get to it!

Console Used: PS3

GTA V - Beacon Theatre Wallbreach

Text and Pictures Walk-through:

Location: Beacon Theatre - on Davis Avenue in Rancho, Los Santos.

Get a vehicle large enough to be able to climb on the awning at the Discount Carpet Center.

Around this area use the "Stairway Method" to breach behind the Discount Carpet Center sign.

When you breach, you can see something similar to this. 

From this point, aim your gun out and step back. You should fall into the wallbreach.

It should look similar to this.

There is very limited firepower in here. Above in the roof area is the only area that I was able to fire out of.

There is a very big fall-through area that is plainly visible.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to give it a like if you have found it useful. YouTuber's feel free to do your thing, just please be sure to give some credit and support. Be sure to visit my Crew Links and other Website Links, for I will be posting new material soon. 

as always... Game On!

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I thank you for your time - and I wish you the best with all that you do - and I will see you all again very soon.